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SE library displays photos taken along part of historic Route 66 
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By Karen Gavis/managing editor

Photographs taken along historic Route 66 can be seen in the SE library this month.

The colorful exhibit Road Trips is intermingled with travel-related books offering road-trippers as well as armchair travelers a visual and literary combination.

SE adjunct English instructor Gregory Bade teamed with librarian Jo Klemm to encourage students to check out more library books. Bade said his previous exhibit of Texas landmark photography from places like Big Bend and Palo Duro Canyon spurred a discussion about the current exhibit, which Klemm said has moved more books.

“Mr. Bade’s camera captures the essence of the road trip, and each photo brings to mind a piece of literature where characters have taken to the open road,” Klemm said in her library blog.  

Many unique places along the route allow travelers to take a trip back in time.

SE student Babatunde Ogunji said Bade’s photos allow people to see how things have changed and make him want to visit the places so he can get a feel of how things used to be.“And the terrain, everything is so natural, [there are] no buildings yet,” he said. “It all goes back to technology and how much we’ve advanced throughout the years.”

The accompanying selection of books like John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove gives library patrons a chance to make literary connections with the photography. For example, Pony Bridge in Bridgeport, Okla., is linked to the movie version of The Grapes of Wrath.

“The scene where Grampa dies and is buried was shot near the west end of this bridge,” Bade said. “If you watch the movie carefully, you can see the Canadian River plain and the Pony Bridge in the distance.”

Pop’s has more than 600 varieties of soda, Bade said.One artifact inside a glass display case filled with Route 66 memorabilia is a chunk of roadway that Bade rescued from a road crew’s debris pile. Workers had torn up and were replacing a section of Route 66, which allowed Bade to score part of the center stripe. Sharing the case are postcards and a photograph of Pop’s Restaurant in Arcadia, Okla., whose giant soda bottle signage cannot be missed Bade said.

Sitting on top of the case is a framed information graphic showing that a trip along the entire historic route in a 1972 Ford Mustang would have chugged 220.8 gallons of gas and cost $437.62. But today, the same trip in a 2012 Mustang would use 122.6 gallons of gas for a total of $441.92.

“So there’s no reason not to go,” Bade said.

A few black-and-white photos are actually photographs of photographs that Bade took while visiting a museum. In one, workers are building the route, and in another, a vehicle is parked along the roadside while a man sits on the ground casually strumming an instrument.“It’s what people did along the way,” Bade said.

Other photos capture colorful images like vintage gas pumps and neon motel signs, store side murals and a big blue whale. Bade said although the whale tourist attraction is not listed on the historical register, it is a historical place that served as a landmark.

A piece of center stripe is among items SE adjunct English instructor Gregory Bade has collected along America’s legendary Route 66.
Photos by David Reid/The Collegian

“When you have a family in a ’55 station wagon with no air conditioning, you are looking for a place to stop,” Bade said.

Bade and his wife traveled all of Texas’ Route 66 last year.

“We didn’t really want to do that again,” he said. “So this time, we did all of Route 66 in Oklahoma.”

Many photographs in the exhibit were taken on the Oklahoma trip, but others are representative of other road trips, Bade said.

Resting on top of the display case, a statement by Bade reads, “Road trip literature often concludes with the main character reaching the destination, but some pieces, like On the Road, emphasize that the journey itself is the destination.”

Afternoon Thunder: 
A Weekend of Racing

Photography by Gregory Bade

Tarrant County College

Southeast Art Corridor III

August 24th - September 24th, 2009

Artist Reception

September 10, 2009 2-6 p.m.

The photographs exhibited in Afternoon Thunder: A Weekend of Racing, provide an insider's point of view of NASCAR racing that goes beyond what a spectator can see from the stands or his or her couch on racing weekend.

Compiled over the last two years (as current as the weekend of August 7 - August 9), the images were taken at three tracks: Texas Motor Speedway, Memphis, and Watkins Glen, N.Y. Combined, these tracks represent three major styles of racing and three different styles of tracks: speedway, short track and road course. For the people whose images are captured here, racing is more than a weekend event. It is a lifestyle; it is their passion, and what most of us probably forget -- it is their job.

For information, contact

Houston Community College - Northwest
Art Department 
1010 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. 
Houston, Tx 77043

Press Release

Who: Houston Photographer Greg Bade - Greg Bade is also an HCC-NW English Instructor 

What: "Photographs by Greg Bade" An exhibition of fine art color and black & white photographs.

When: Thursday, August 23 - Friday, Sept. 28, 2001
Artist's Reception: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2001 (6:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.)
Gallery Hours: To be announced or by appointment:

Call : Stanley Kaminski at (713) 799-8687 
Free and open to the public
Where: Town and Country Art Gallery, 1010 W. Sam Houston Parkway North / Houston, TX 77043 (Northeast corner of Beltway 8 and I-10 / behind Bennigan's and Chili's) 

Greg Bade's Artist Statement:

Photography has long fascinated me because it captures forever a very small and specific moment in time. What I want to bring home after a day of shooting are a few good images that accurately record what I saw and hopefully will bring renewed pleasure to me and to others when they are seen again.

When I travel, I am fortunate to be more exposed to sights, smells, and temperatures than most other people because I am usually traveling in a convertible or on a motorcycle. The motorcycle especially presents circumstances and opportunities that are just not encountered in a closed automobile. If you have never traveled across the country on one, you have missed an experience that cannot be duplicated by any other means of transportation.

I wish I could say that I have found my photographic niche and have assembled an important body of images, but I cannot. While this is a goal, it may never be realized because I enjoy too much the variety photography has to offer. The softness of a flower and the screaming engine of a Grand Prix automobile seem miles apart and a difficult choice.

Over the years I have often sent images to friends and family. Photography allows me the opportunity to share a unique moment of my life with people that I no longer see often enough.

In this show, I hope you too can feel the excitement, wonder and pleasure of these special and unique moments.
Greg Bade is available for feature articles/ interviews/photographs. His contact information:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 200227 San Antonio, Texas 78220 
Telephone: 210-834-3000
The subject matter of this show ranges from Grand Prix action to western portrait to landscapes taken from states as diverse as Arizona and North Carolina and Wyoming and Florida. Of course there are plenty of Texas images too. There will also be several free standing displays to enhance the experience.

Quote from Gallery director Stanley Kaminski:

"Our students, staff, and the general public are going to really enjoy this exhibition. Mr. Bade's photographs have popular themes and are photographic masterpieces. Having had the opportunity to preview his diverse body of work, I can attest to its contemplative content and striking form. This show will begin our third season of exhibitions at the gallery. The show will be open for our first day of classes so our new and returning students, faculty, and staff can get a look at an accomplished installation of fine art photographs with a variety of subjects. Our gallery and campus is not just for students, but for everyone. Please stop by and visit.” 

Our October artist in the Rotunda Gallery is former St. Luke’s member Greg Bade. Greg is a resident of San Antonio, and he is very much looking forward to returning to St. Luke’s to exhibit his work.

Greg’s interest in photography began twenty years ago when he took a class to learn about different cameras and film, but mostly, he says, he is self-taught. There are the technical guidelines for lighting and composing, but ultimately the whole process comes down to the subject and how the photographer chooses to record it. Decisions about lighting, perspective and what to include or leave out are parts of the craft that distinguish one photographer from another. Greg likes simplicity, and he likes a photograph to at least suggest a thought or a story, but sometimes a flower is only a flower that caught his eye in some unique way. His preferences are natural light and the outdoors.

Greg has many sent many images to friends and family. Photography allows him the opportunity to share a unique moment of his life with people he seldom sees. In this show, Greg hopes that you too can feel the excitement, wonder and pleasure of those special moments.

Greg will be in the Rotunda Gallery on Sunday morning, October 3 and our special guest at the 11:00 a.m. service. Please take a moment to stop by and introduce yourself, and enjoy his work. For more information, click on the Music and Fine Arts pages of the website. 
Accompanying Bade’s photos is also “Alaskan Vacation,” an article he wrote for a local newspaper. One photo shows Bade standing next to the Stampede Trail, where Christopher McCandless traveled into the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992 and later died of starvation. The book about McCandless’ story, Into the Wild, is one of many books on the Alaskan wilderness on display with Bade’s photos.

“Last year, he [Bade] had an exhibit of his trip down Route 66,” said library services assistant director Tracey Minzenmayer. “This past summer, he asked if we wanted to put up another exhibit of his, and we said yes.”

Library services administrative assistant Denise Krajca said she enjoys seeing Bade’s photos.

“This is the second exhibit of his we’ve had in the library,” Krajca said.

The exhibit is available Sept. 2-Oct. 15. For more information, call Minzenmayer at 817-515-3388.

Instructor’s photo exhibit reveals Alaskan wilderness 
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By Elaine Bonilla/reporter
Bade at the mouth of the Stampede Trail. 
The SE library’s newest photo exhibit features photography from an English instructor’s Alaskan summer vacation.The exhibit is a collection of photos Gregory Bade took while on a summer cruise with his wife to Anchorage, Alaska.

Bade said a few days before they arrived, Alaska had a bad snowstorm even though it was summer. The storm allowed him to take beautiful early morning photos that he couldn’t have captured later in the day when the snow started melting.
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